Descova App Review


In this post you can find out the Descova app review, what it does, how it works & most importantly how it will help you make money online dropshipping. One difficult thing about selling products online is finding the best products to list on your store. This new app does all the heavy lifting and finds best-sellers and top trending products, all you will need to do is add them and start selling!

Vendor:Daniel Adetunji
Launch Date:2019-Jun-07
Launch Time:11:00 EDT
Front-End Price:$37-$69
Recommend:Highly Recommend
Home Page:
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Descova App Review – What is Descova App?

Descova App is the first e-Commerce research products software that seeks hot selling products across multiple platforms.

Users will get access to the best suppliers and easily find trusted products for their online business without any technical skill.


Descova App Review – Key Features

  • Find best selling products fast

You need to insert the keywords and this product will bring the related results it can find in a matter of seconds.

  • Narrow down the searches for the best result and findings

It provides a ‘Filter And Sort’ option for you to limit the country, the price, etc. The result will be more precise and faster.

  • Keep track of your competitors

It includes the ‘Track your competitors’ tool for seeking other stores owners who sell similar products. It’s easier for you to keep a close eye on them to recognize or learn from their business tactics and strategies.

  • Track products for discounts

It shows the discount status of each product you have found to ensure that you won’t miss any chance of buying these products at a better price.

  • Import product directly to your eCom stores

All you need to do is click on the ‘Import” button right under the winning products you have found to move them to your stores.

  • Include Price checker tool

This tool will show the product price and discount status at the same time.

  • Notify users of current discounted prices

If there is any variation in the products price, you will instantly receive a notification email from Descova App.

  • Include Handpicked “Best Sellers”

There is a team of eCom experts to tell you exactly which products are hot selling, and you can immediately import them to your store without hesitation.


About The Creator – Daniel Adetunji

Daniel Adetunji is one of the famous under 30 successful software entrepreneurs and also an experienced marketer. He has been worked in this field for years, and has impressive experience about the products related to online business issues.

He has already launched lots of products which are usually receiving good comments on ZVZOO such as SociOffer, SociClick, SociLivestream, SociLeadMessanger, etc.

Who Should Use It?

This amazing software can be very beneficial for anyone who wants to start their business by selling goods on the internet. It’s effortless to use. Hence, there is no technical experience needed. No matter you are a tenderfoot or a master in this field, you can use Descova App as an assistant for your online business.


Descova Main Features


Descova App main dashboard:


Firstly you need to connect your eCom store to Descova App. You can choose between 3 different eCom platforms, Shopify WooCommerce and Wish:

Descova App has 6 modules, including: Discover Product, Best Seller, Price Checker, Product Research Idea, Track Your Competitors, and Discount Tracker.


1.) Discover Product:

This module allows you search products from multiple platforms, and then it also allows you to filter these products under your demand.

I’m going to search with my keyword “shoes” as below:



Right here you can also filter these products under criteria you want such as ship to country, sort (by best match, orders, newest, seller rating, price ascending,etc), sort and filter (price, rating, reviews), price, units per lot, free shipping only. You can filter whatever you want from there.


2.) Best Seller:

This module allows you get best selling products in any category you want.

Here is main dashboard from this module:


For example, I’m going to find best-selling products in category “Women Clothing” as below:


Right here you can hit “More” button to check more details about the product you want, or you can 1-click import these products to your integrated Shopify store, Wish store, WooCommerce Store as below:

For example, I’m going to import the product below to my Shopify store:

Products are selected, and I click to add them to my Shopify store…


Head over to my Shopify store and as you can see the product has been imported. Very easy to use and it’s pretty much the exact same proccess importing into a Wish or Woocommerce store.