SuperStores – Powerful Affiliate Store Builder


SuperStores Powerful Affiliate Store Builder – Allowing 1 Click Imports of Products from Multiple Platforms including Amazon!

Creating an Affiliate Store is one of the best things you can do to create a passive income. If you’re already creating Amazon affiliate or any other affiliate stores on Shopify OR WordPress you’ll know that already!

But you need to pay heavy fees to professional designers and developers to create your affiliate site, Pay a Monthly subscription if using Shopify or spend hours adding products through WordPress. It’s not only a headache but also takes a lot of time and money.

So, to make this entire process a cakewalk for you, my friend Dr Amit Pareek has created an Automated Software “SuperStores”.

Build Your Own “Self-Updating Affiliate Stores” stocked with thousands of affiliate products from top E-Commerce giants- Amazon, AliExpress, BestBuy, eBay & Walmart…

Beta Testing SuperStores

As a beta tester of SuperStores, I got hands on this awesome eCom store builder. I was actually about to start building an ‘Amazon Affiliate’ store when I received Beta access – So I dropped my plans to do my usual build, which consists of setting up WordPress, installing a theme, plugins etc.

The first thing I notices once I logged into SuperStores was how fast it was. I uploaded some media that I was going to use for my store, I noticed that upon upload it converted my media to the CDN (content delivery network) they are using. This ensures that visitors and potential customers visiting your store aren’t hanging about waiting for page load time! This loads fast, no hanging about.

Adding products was a simple as entering the category I wanted to use and entering a search term and clicking search. Within seconds I had 100 products all priced, with descriptions and images ready to be imported, Check the all box and import, few more seconds and the products are imported and live in my store! Even on Shopify OR WordPress this would take longer!

After adding products to the various categories for my store, I checked out the SEO & Tag options, all this can be edited to your liking!

I found a nice little trick to bulk add tags in one go rather than entering them one by one. The tags will hopefully rank as Keywords. I checked the store on ‘AHREFS’ and to my surprise found the store was already ranking for SIX keywords, and it’s only two days old and already got 4 Gaming PCS bought on Amazon!

Indexed & Ranking in 24hrs!

4 Affiliate Sales – 2 Day Old Store!

SuperStores – Complete Demo Set Up

SuperStores Works in 3 Simple Steps

  • Step1: Set up your store
  • Step2: Add Products
  • Step3: Get Traffic

SuperStores – Lots of New Features

  • Automatically curate the Reviews from these Giants and publish on your stores handsfree.
  • Available in 7 different languages (English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Japanese)
  • Automatically Add Related YouTube videos for every product.
  • No domain, no hosting or no complicated WordPress installation required.
  • All images uploaded are stored on SuperStores CDN for super fast load times!
  • And many more options…

Drive waves of viral traffic, sales & Commissions on complete autopilot using the combined power of Unique SEO Content, Videos, Tweets, Feeds and Social Media.


So what are you waiting for? You have a great opportunity ahead + My 20 bonuses are making it a completely NO Brainer!!

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